Land at Oaklands, Barrowford

Here at Beck Homes we are delighted to bring forward proposals for a high quality new build residential development of family homes in a highly sustainable location on land to the south of Oaklands in Barrowford and we would like to hear your views on our plans.

This page has been prepared to inform a pre-application public consultation process, following which we intend to submit a full planning application on an area of vacant land off Wheatley Lane Road which extends to 3.2 hectares (8 acres).

Location plan

The possible residential development potential of the site has already been recognised and endorsed by Pendle Borough Council as part of its Local Plan review process.

Early in 2021, a formal pre-application document was submitted to Pendle Borough Council and their feedback on our original proposals has informed our latest scheme which has been carefully designed to deliver a high quality mix of family homes situated within easy walking distance of the wide range of local amenities on offer in Barrowford.

As a local housebuilder with an excellent understanding of the local housing market, we are well-placed to deliver a high quality development that satisfies local housing need. Our proposals are designed to integrate seamlessly with its quality setting, not to overwhelm it by inappropriate design or project scale.

Before we submit our planning application to Pendle Borough Council, we would like to hear your views so that we can consider local opinion and refine our plans to address local requirements.

Continue reading for further information on our proposals and how to have your say. We really look forward to receiving your feedback.

Our Proposals Will Deliver

  • A pedestrian-led, high quality new build residential development of 79 family homes in a highly sustainable location.
  • New footpath routes and connections that will provide safe pedestrian links to local amenities including St Thomas’ Primary School.
  • On-site landscaped areas of open space and amenity space including a landscape corridor and circular walk.
  • A development that is respectful of the wider landscape and conservation area along Wheatley Lane Road.
  • Building materials along the site frontage that will include natural stone walls, natural slate roofs and design to reflect local character.
  • The introduction of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) which will improve surface water drainage on the site and address flooding on Wheatley Lane Road.
Aerial satellite image with the proposed development superimposed

Site Context & Design Considerations

The southern boundary (site frontage) abuts Wheatley Lane Road and forms the edge of the Conservation Area. This boundary is characterized by a traditional stone wall and a line of mature trees whose substantial retention is considered to be an important aspect of any new development project.

The eastern boundary sits adjacent to the rear gardens of the houses on Lupton Drive, these being separated by the existing driveway serving Oaklands.

The western boundary of the site adjoins St Thomas Church of England Church building and carpark, St Thomas’s School grounds and open fields whilst the north-western boundary adjoins open fields together with the existing large residential property, Oaklands and its wooded grounds.

The site context reveals a mix of architectural styles and materials, of varying ages and materials. There is no dominant building style although natural stone walling is an important feature along the road frontage, especially as one progresses towards the village centre.

It is recognised that the design of the site frontage requires careful consideration in order to balance ‘development’ with ‘heritage’ and particularly to ensure that any new site access is positioned and designed in a way which minimises impact upon the existing landscape. Our specialist consultants on heritage, landscape, highways and arboricultural matters have provided guidance in this area and their analyses and conclusions have informed the latest scheme layout and would support the balanced intentions of any future planning application.

Draft street scene showing the proposed elevations along Wheatley Lane Road and the walls and trees to be retained where possible

With that initial advice in mind, the approach taken is to maintain the visual continuity of a natural stone wall, backed by a strong line of trees. Some loss of a section of the existing wall adjacent to the existing gap in the wooded frontage would be required to create a site access meeting highway design and safety standards.

However, the initial gap so formed would be visually recreated by aligning the new carriageway in a swept manner which avoids long distance open views (characteristic of many housing estates) and instead allows new perimeter walling, backed by new heavy standard tree planting to create an interesting foreground consistent with existing Conservation Area character.

Aerial satellite image with the proposed entrance, open space and properties fronting onto the conservation area superimposed

It is important that the front of the site is designed to respect the context of the Conservation Area and the street scape of Church Street.

The proposed dwellings facing Wheatley lane Road would be set back approx. 25m from the stone boundary wall. This is to safeguard a green frontage as well as to avoid any impact of development upon the Conservation Area. It also allows an acceptable space for the retention of the existing trees and for the future growth of any proposed planting along this boundary.

The landscaped area will also have a footpath link that feeds into Wheatley Lane Road in two positions and also feeds back into the site via a linear open space area adjacent to the church and school grounds.

The proposed properties along the site frontage will all be of bespoke design and will take their design key from the existing properties along Church Street.

Who are we?

We are a family owned local housebuilder based in Padiham which has successfully delivered high quality housing within Lancashire for over 25 years.

Over the last 10 years or so most of our housing developments have been focussed within Ribble Valley and Pendle where our outstanding design and construction quality has been recognised by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) for projects at Copperfields and Primrose Gardens in Clitheroe which were both awarded Best Small Development Awards.

Our most recent development in Pendle is our Spring Meadows development located on Red lane in Colne. Spring Meadows comprises a high quality mix of 57 family homes and is similarly located on the periphery of an existing settlement boundary.

We wish to continue to provide quality dwellings within Pendle and have now identified the vacant land south of Oaklands in Barrowford as a potential future venture.

Have Your Say

As local developers already delivering high quality homes in the area, we really value your opinion on our proposals and we would like to invite local residents to comment  in order that we can deliver a development that meets the needs of the our local community.

Our public consultation process runs from Friday 7th January until Monday 24th January 2022 so please take the opportunity to get in touch.

Get in touch

Write to us:   Beck Homes –  Public Consultation , Ribble Court Business Centre, 1 Mead Way, Padiham, Lancs BB12 7NG